HIKE to highest point UAE
Currently not accessible
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Route: Return trip
Distance: 15km
Grade: quite easy
Activities: hike on existing path right on border UAE/Oman, soft up and downhill
The hike is situated in the northern part of Ras Al Khaimah.
Jabal Bil'Ays is a peak on the border between Oman and United Arab Emirates, with an altitude of 1,934 metres. This highest point of this mountain is located on the Omani side, but an unnamed knoll west of this peak is considered the highest point of the United Arab Emirates, at 1,910 metres above sea level.
Since borderposts have been installed only recently, it`s unclear where the highest point (not peak) of the UAE is located.
The border between UAE and Oman is not at the edge of the cliff, it's most likely on the water separation.
You will walk partly past the fence of the RAK ruler`s property. Respecting privacy is obvious.
A very beautiful hike on the highest tops of the UAE`s Hajar mountains. Stunning views.
You will need a 4x4 to cover the last kms to the start point of the hike.
Car Park  N25 56'37.75  E56 09'22.02"  1616m 
Picnic  N25 57'03.26"  E56 10'36.56"  1805m
Highest point  N25 57'10.70"  E56 11'02.20"   1910m
Picnic spot: couldn`t be more perfect...
Indeed .... the highest point