The mystery of the White Rock....
This is not a new episode of "Lost", the TV Series where people are heading to the mysterious Black Rock.

Our "White Rock" is real, albeit as mysterious as the Black one.
It is a conspicuous landmark in the Wadi Wurayah area.

The hike goes through a pristine landscape. No grafitti, no trash, no barbecue smells... only the grandeur of a natural environment.
Route: return route
Distance: 22 km
Duration: 10 hours including stops
Grade: moderate to strenuous
Activities: combination of all. Easy walking, climbing and scrambling (sometimes quite vertical),
So far we have not done the complete loop. We have gone as far as "viewing" the White Rock.

In 2009 Wadi Wurayah, in the Emirate of Fujairah, became the first mountain protected area of the UAE. The wadi has a fragile and unique eco system and huge efforts are being made to protect this National Park.
Due to the presence of water the whole year round, this is also the most popular spot for careless weekend wadi bashers and picknickers: noise and waste pollution are a sad result of this.
However this part of the wadi is hardly ever visited by weekend bashers, thanks to the fact it is simply not accessible by car.... only by foot.... resulting in an ideal hiking area.
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Wadi Wurayah has recently been closed to the public (until further notice)
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